Literally the first Blue Chip, on Base.

CA: 0x4c40454659C8ec1283355d8e3911bA1745FF6Fd1



Dedication to transparency and a fair playing field. This irreversible step puts the community in control and prevents malicious changes.


Buy, sell, and swap with complete freedom, without worrying about surprise fees. Hold onto your Blue $Chips.


Initial LP tokens are permanently burned, keeping the market healthy and our project on the right track for the long haul.

Join our awesome


Are you tired of being a paycheck prisoner? Do you dream of escaping the rat race on a rocket made of money (not that kind of doge money, this is classier)? Well, buckle up buttercup, because Blue Chip is here to blast your bank account into the stratosphere! We’re talking a memecoin so blue it would make Da Ba Dee look grayscale. Say goodbye to ramen noodles and hello to financial freedom with Blue Chip!

How to buy


Owning a piece of the future is now easier than ever!
Base, known for its blazing-fast speed and incredibly low fees, is the perfect network to seamlessly trade and stack some Blue Chips. For quick access, use the Uniswap widget below to get your hands on some $CHIP now!

Add Base

This is the first step to join the Base network. Go to and add Base to your crypto wallet.

Bridge to Base

Add ETH and bridge. Base Bridge enables the transfer of certain digital assets and other data between Ethereum and Base.


Buy on DEX, Coinbase Wallet or with bots

Add the official Blue Chip contract address and swap ETH for $CHIP.

Official CA :

Blue Chip Arcade

Get ready to meme and conquer!

Blue Chip Roadmap


1) New TG Channel
2) New Twitter / X
2) New Website (V1 & V2)
3) CoinGecko Listing
4) DEXtools Listing
5) TG Stickers & Marketing V1
6) Uplink Profile
7) BNS domain (bluechip.base)
8) Blue Chip Arcade (3 games)
9) Coinbase Wallet Integration
10) Dexscreener Update
11) Multisig Safe{Wallet}
12) Warpcast Profile
+ More TBA

In progress

1) Meme Contest #1
2) CMC Listing
3) Utility Development
4) Additional Arcade Games
5) Aerodrome LP
6) TikTok Marketing
7) Instagram Marketing
8) FB Marketing
+ More TBA


1) TG Marketing (KOL’s + Trending)
2) Reddit Marketing
3) NFT Collection
4) CEX Listings
+ More TBA

Got a crazy idea or awesome suggestion? Hidden talent or epic skill?? Blue Chip needs YOU!!!

Let us know in the #Chipmunity Suggestion Box! 


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Blue Chip is a community-driven meme token with the potential for high returns, it also carries substantial risk. It’s not a security and doesn’t guarantee future profits. Do your own research.